Fortnite V-Bucks Generator - Free V-Bucks {updated}

Fortnite and their games are all people can talk about in the gaming industry. Gamers are geeking over the new and exciting Fortnite games. Forbes reported that Fortnite is making upwards of $100million monthly from players. To say that these games are popular is a tragic understatement.

If you are an ardent gamer, then you have definitely been all up in the Fortnite Battle Royale and Save the World games. Stepping into this new world and interacting with other players while blowing off each other’s heads is super exciting. Equally exciting is the prospect of making your character snazzy with different additional cosmetics. If you have noticed your fellow players looking positively glamorous, it is probably because they are using their V Bucks to purchase extra gear.

I could be presumptuous to assume that you know what V Bucks are, so for the newbies…

What is V Bucks?

The term V Bucks stands for VinderBucks or Vindertech Bucks. This is the virtual currency used in Fortnite games to purchase stylish gear to make your character more attractive.

As you well know, Fortnite games are free to play. And while you can spend hours in there letting your gaming freak flag fly, the owners have to monetize their venture somehow. This is where V Bucks come into play. You can earn V Bucks just by playing the game, but these accumulate too slowly to help with anything you may need really. Fortnite games offer V Bucks for real cash. You can purchase additional V Bucks off the gaming site but why do so when we can show you how to get unlimited free V Bucks.

How to Get Free V Bucks

The internet is awash with sites advertising ways to get free V Bucks. As a trusted source, we would like to warn you to be vigilant when dealing with the information offered. Some of these sites are out to scam you.

As far as acquiring free V Bucks, it is possible. It is important to point out that Fortnite has two games the Battle Royale and Save the World. We will cover both games as we explore how to acquire free V Bucks

1. Use our Free V Bucks Generator

There are countless sites on the internet claiming to generate free V Bucks for Fortnite enthusiasts. Most of them are far from legitimate. We, however, have a legitimate V Bucks generator that you will never regret using. It is easy to use, and you will have as many V Bucks as you desire in a few simple steps. Here is how;

  • Go to our free V Buck generator site here

  • On the generator home page, select your gaming platform on step 1, enter your gaming username on step 2, and the amount of V Bucks you would like to generate on step 3.

  • Click on the “Start Generator” button at the bottom of the page.

  • A verification page will be created. Our systems need to weed out robots, so you have to go through the verification to prove that you are human.

  • After this step, you will be required to select an App or service from the list provided to complete the generator process. Once you choose an App or Service, you will be needed to fill in your phone number into the provided slot.

  • You are done! Now rest easy and wait for your V Bucks to be credited into your profile.

Other ways to get free V Bucks include:

2. Daily Login

This is the easiest way to get free V Bucks. Every day you Log in, you get rewards for it. You can, at the end of each day convert your bonus into V Bucks. However, note that V Buck rewards for logging in do not kick in until the 11th day. The next reward won’t be available until the 28th day. Nonetheless, they are V Bucks, and if you are V Buck farming, each coin you earn is worth it.

3. Daily Challenges

Complete the daily quests set out for you to make additional free V Bucks. In Save the World, you can earn upwards of 50 V Bucks for every daily quest you complete. Even though the rewards for completing these are not always V Bucks, you will find at least one quest that is offering V Bucks as a reward. Do not, however, shun the quests that provide Survivors, Heroes, and Schematics as rewards. These will come in handy down the line.

4. Trading your Experience

As aforementioned, rewards like Survivors, Heroes and Schematics can be useful. In a bid to earn free V Bucks, you can turn in these rewards to your Collection Book. The more you have in your Collection Book, the more experience you have. At your discretion, you can level your collection book “experience” for a reward. Now, be warned that this reward may not come in the form of V Bucks, but in most cases it does.

5. Storm Shield Missions

Save the World has a total of ten Storm Shield Missions per season. Six of them open with the season while the remaining four unlock as you progress through your battle. For each Storm Shield Mission completed, you will get a reward of 100 V Bucks except the last mission which rewards you 150 V Bucks.

6. Side Quests

Side challenges and tasks are what make the storyline of Fortnite games intriguing. In addition to fighting for your life, building a fort and strategizing on how to amass wealth, you will also come across side challenges that promise a reward of V Bucks. Indulging in these side quests successfully will earn you up to 150 V Bucks per challenge.

7. Participate in In-Game Events

Whilst playing your heart out, you will be accosted by events geared towards making your gaming experience more exciting and of course, earning you some rewards. For the most part, the rewards offered on these events are free V Bucks, so make sure you do not miss out on the opportunity.

How Much is a V Buck?

Even as we learn how to get some free V Bucks, it is essential to know the actual value of a V Buck. On any given platform, the least number of V Bucks you can purchase is 1,000 which sell for $10. This, therefore, breaks down the value of a V Buck to be a cent each.

Also, note that any purchase that you make for 2,500 V Bucks or more comes with a bonus.

• 1,000 V-Bucks for $9.99

• 2,500 (+300 Bonus) V-Bucks for $24.99

• 6,000 (+1,500 Bonus) V-Bucks for $59.99

• 10,000 (+3,500 Bonus) V-Bucks for $99.99

What can you Purchase with V Bucks?

Now that we know the definition and value of V Bucks comes the next query: what can you buy with V Bucks?

1. Battle Pass

Fortnite gamers are well familiar with the Battle Pass. It is a system established in the game to reward players for playing through a season. At the beginning of each season, each player gets a free pass with which they can earn in-game rewards like skins for achieving specific goals and for gaining experience. Needless to say, this Free Pass comes with special dedications and restrictions.

To counter this, players can purchase a Battle Pass from the in-game Item Shop. This Battle Pass, sold for 950 V Bucks opens the player up to many more rewards and opportunities. You can unlock close to 100 in-game rewards with this Battle Pass.

If you are feeling positively philanthropic, you can as well purchase the Battle Bundle for 2500 V Bucks. This will open up a universe of consumables, cosmetic upgrades, emoticons, and battle icons among others.

2. Cosmetic Upgrades

Cosmetic upgrades are the items you can purchase to personalize your character. These items are a great way to let your style shine through in the game. Worth noting, though, is that the items offered in the Item Shop under cosmetic upgrades rotate in and out each day. So, keep an eye out, so you don’t miss out on a snazzy item. Among the things sold under cosmetic upgrade include:

• Outfits

These have got to be the most significant of all the cosmetic upgrades. You can choose from an array of costumes the one you feel best represents your character. It is essential, though, to note that loud colors are easier to spot in the battlefield, so choose an outfit that makes it difficult for you to be detected. Costumes sell in categories of uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. Uncommon outfits are the bare minimum, and they go for 800 V Bucks, rare outfits go for 1200 V Bucks, epic outfits sell for 1500 V Bucks while legendary outfits are available for 2000 V Bucks.

• Harvesting Tool

From your default arsenal of tools, you have a harvesting tool. You can use it to mine, break down walls and your enemies, and harvest building supplies. This is obviously a vital tool to have with you all the time, and for this reason, you want it to reflect your character by having super cute skins. Even though purchasing skins for your harvesting tool in no way improves its ability, you will still want to do it so you can have a badass weapon. Harvesting tool skins retail in uncommon, rare, and epic categories. Uncommon harvesting tools go for 500 V Bucks, rare harvesting tools sell for 800 V Bucks, and epic harvesting tools are available for 1200 V Bucks.

• Glider

A glider is an item that allows a player to land safely once they jump from the Battle Bus. It is used concurrently with skydiving especially if the player wants to control their landing area. The glider deploys automatically when the player gets close to landing, or it can be reactivated from a Launch Pad. You can upgrade the appearance of your glider by purchasing skins from cosmetic upgrades. Gliders come in uncommon, rare, epic and legendary categories. Uncommon gliders sell for 500 V Bucks, rare gliders go for 800 V Bucks, epic gliders are available for between 1200 to 1500 V Bucks while legendary gliders range between 1500 to 2000 V Bucks.

• Back Bling

The Back Bling is a newer item that was added to the game. More precisely, a Back Bling appears in Season 3 as a reward for the Battle Pass. It is a backpack-like carrier that your character carries on their back. Do not confuse the Back Bling with the Backpack which is an actual piece of equipment used by your character during battle to carry your consumables and weapons.

The Back Bling you select has to go with your outfit. If it doesn’t, then you will not be able to access it. Some outfits come pre-loaded with a Back Bling. But just in case, the game recently came up with a tool that allows you to check if your outfit will work with a particular back bling before you can commit to buying it. This sure is a relief after all the “swing, and a miss” players have experienced in the past. Back Blings come in uncommon, rare, epic and legendary categories. Uncommon Back Blings sell for 800 V Bucks; rare Back Blings go for 1200 V Bucks, epic Back Blings retail for 1500 V Bucks while legendary Back Blings are available for 2000 V Bucks.

3. Emotes

Emotes are a fun way to show off to your opponents once you best them in battle. It is a dance that your character performs for your enemies to show off your victory. Emotes in the Item Shop fall into uncommon, rare, and epic categories. The uncommon emotes sell for 200 V Bucks, the rare emotes go for 500 V Bucks, and epic emotes retail for 800 V Bucks.

About Fortnite Games

Now that we are well versed with our virtual currency and how to use it, let us explore Fortnite games, the tips, and tricks to get as far as possible and other fun things o do in-game.

Battle Royale

The excitement behind this game is unreal. Kids, grownups, and everyone in between is getting some action on Battle Royale. The fact that you can play it on all platforms including PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and even on your iPhone is an excellent plus. Fortnite says Battle Royale will be available on Android soon enough.

Gadgets aside, let us get into the essence of the game.


Battle Royale is basically a fight to the death. There are 100 players per battle who fight until only one man is standing. The essence of the game is for every player to strategize and fight smart to emerge the winner.

Tips and Tricks on How to Survive

Battle Royale opens with the player jumping off the Battle Bus and plummeting down ideally to land on an island. The first thing you need to learn is how to land safely or well; your game will be over before it begins. Battle Royale connoisseurs recommend that you skydive because its faster and then glide when you are close to landing. Beginners are advised to land towards the edge of a named destination. The chances of landing right in the middle of a battlefield are less in this case. The loot isn’t as good as the one found in the circled destinations, but the slow start will give you much needed time to build your arsenal.

Upon landing, you need to amass as many weapons and building materials as possible. You will need to build a fort for protection, and you will need your guns for defense. And while Battle Royale does not limit the number of weapons you can amass, there is a limit on the number of weapons you can carry which is five, so choose wisely. My best guesses would be a shotgun, assault rifle, a sniper rifle, and a rocket launcher just because each excels in the areas where the others fail.

When you are landing, choose rooftops rather than the open ground. This way, you can use your pickaxe to work your way floor by floor collecting as much loot as possible. If you land at the same time as another player, it is better if you run for cover or the closest weapon rather than try to maul them down with your ax. Literally, any other defense available in the game will be better at eliminating an enemy than the pickax.

Beware of the electric storms that gather fast. The storms tend to cluster players together so vicious battles can begin and the circle of 100 players can get ever smaller. Learn to use your weapons and to build a fort and fast. Having four walls around you will protect you from bullets. Consider raising your vantage point so that you can be in a better position to scope your enemies before they arrive.

Easily overlooked but gravely important is your health and your armor. Armor ensures you build resistance. At the beginning of the game, your armor is at zero. To create it, you need to drink the blue portions scattered all over the map. Take the first one as soon as you find it and then stack up on more so you can have them handy whenever you need one. As for your health, if you take a round or you are injured in any other manner, ensure you self-nurse using the first aid kit. Also, stack any that you find in your many travels since you don’t know when it might be useful.

Remember that the game is not about how many kills you land, it is about survival. Keep this in mind whenever you are out on the battlefield. You want to keep the heat off you for as long as possible. Don’t initiate fights unless the battle comes to you. You will earn points for stealth and strategy just the same way another player will receive for being in combat 24/7. Equally important are the outfits you chose for your character. You want an outfit that makes it easy for you to camouflage. Bright colors are easy to spot which means you will never be safe.

Still on the subject, don’t stay in a single place for too long. Much as you have built a fort and all, remember all of it can blow up to smithereens in a fraction of a minute. Keep moving and your enemies guessing. Do not run unless it is essential. Running is noisy, and the motion emits clouds of dust which make it easy for you to be spotted.

Ardent Battle Royale gamers recommend a good pair of earphones for playing the game. This is especially crucial when you are in a combat zone listening out for opponents. Headsets will allow you to hear your enemies coming, sounds of gunshots, and to ascertain where noises are coming from.

Earphones also come in handy when scoping for loot. Loot chests are what all players want to come upon. They appear in limited numbers on particular locations. Once a loot chest appears, you will be able to hear it even through walls. Your goal is to get to it before any other player does. If the loot chest happens to be on the floor above you, do not under any circumstances use your pickax to demolish the roof in the hopes that the chest will fall onto your floor. Doing so will cause the loot chest to disappear. Your best strategy is to build a ramp to access the floor above.

The best time to attack is right after a vicious battle. If you walk in on a fight, stay hidden and wait until it is over. Other players are likely to be injured or collecting loot which means that they are not vigilant. The best angle for an attack is from behind.

Battle Royale is the best game in the gaming universe right now. So, get in there, stay alert, stay paranoid, and remember, it is all just for fun!